Tiempo Filmproduktion is an independent production company founded in 2020 in Hamburg that develops, produces, and coproduces films that seek an artistic approach to the stories their protagonists go through due to social or personal circumstances. Tiempo sees filmmaking as an exploration process, as a journey for discovery and self-knowledge. We look for funds and partners to help to develop the creative intentions of our filmmakers. We also develop and produce short formats on commission, with a focus on arts, culture, and society. Among our partners, we are supported by film funds such as MOIN Filmförderung Hamburg Schleswig-Holstein, BKM (Federal Department of Culture and Media), institutions like Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung, Goethe-Institut or commissioners like Schleswig-Holstein Musik Festival, JazzBaltica, KulturTafel Lübeck.

Darío Aguirre

Darío Aguirre (1979) is a producer and founder of Tiempo Filmproduktion. He advises and accompanies filmmakers during the development, shooting, and editing of their films.
Darío is also a documentary director, he completed his Master’s and Postgraduate studies in Visual Communication and Media at the University of Fine Arts in Hamburg (2001-2008) with Gerd Roscher, Wim Wenders, Ute Janssen. Alongside filmmaker Victor Orozco, he curated and carried out the short film festival “ambulart” in Ecuador, Mexico and Germany (2004-2013).

His films “FIVE WAYS TO DARIO” (2010), “CÉSAR´S GRILL” (2013)” and “LAND OF MY CHILDREN” (2018) have been shown at international festivals such as Santa Barbara, Nyon, Cartagena, Toulouse, Malaga and Berlinale. His films have been nominated, awarded and exhibited in cinemas throughout Germany, Switzerland and Ecuador. They also have been broadcasted on TV channels and international platforms.
Throughout 15 years of work and experience, Dario has built a network of colleagues and partners with whom he seeks a long-term production relationship based on respect and upfront communication.

Filmography (selection)

“We, the Wolfs” | Documentary| GER| 90 min | 2024
Land of My Children | Documentary | GER, SUI | 88min| 2018
Césars Grill | Documentary | GER, SUI | 88min | 2013
Five Ways to Darío | Documentary | GER | 80min | 2010

Short films (selection)
“My last day as a probationary person” | Documentary | GER | 10 min |2005
“Lullaby for a Returnee” | Documentary | GER |15 min |2007
“Bodyfront” | Documentary | GER | 15 min | 2007
“Lorenz” | Fiction | GER | 20 min | 2006
“Foreign home” | Documentary | GER | 25 min |2002

Co-production (selection)
“In the Name of Roses” by Daniel Wyss | Documentary | SUI, GER| 90min | 2024 | co-production with CLIMAGE Switzerland “Tender Cords” by Rosana Cuellar | Fiction | GER | 15 min | 2023 | co-production with Rosana Cuellar.
“El cuerpo que fui” by Amaranta Fiquitiva | Documentary | COL, GER | 23min | 2023 | co-production with Amaranta Fiquitiva |
Five Ways to Darío | Documentary | GER | 80 min | 2010
|co-production with Büchner Filmproduktion.

Stephanie Tonn

Producer and Production Management
Stephanie Tonn accompanies projects from the initial idea all the way to final completion. She studied Applied Cultural Studies at the University of Lüneburg. In 2005/2006 she worked for the Goethe-Institut Buenos Aires, followed by more than ten years as a Marketing & Sales Consultant for the Schleswig-Holstein Musik Festival. For the films “Land of My Children” and “Five Ways to Darío” she was responsible for the production management. At Tiempo Filmproduktion she also handles the commission works.